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Moorcroft - Green Linnet


Green Linnet 393/5


Moorcroft - Green Linnet

Wordsworth's charming poem The Green Linnet of 1802 refers to the Greenfinch, rather than the bird that we now call the Linnet. He composed his poem on the beauty of a May morning, when the orchard at Dove Cottage was bright with butterflies and flowers. An enraptured Wordsworth welcomed the birds, "My last year's friends", delightedly following their swift flash from tree to tree, and listened to their songs from the bird he described as "the happiest guest".

"One have I marked, the happiest guest / In all the covert of the blest: / Hail to Thee, far above the rest / In joy of voice and pinion. / Thou, linnet! in thy green array, / Presiding Spirit here today, / Dost lead the revels of the May, / And this is thy dominion."

Kerry Goodwin captures two green linnets amongst the May blossom of the orchard at Dove Cottage, with the soft fragrant flowers hiding the small green linnets among their boughs - "Beneath these fruit-tree boughs that shed their snow-white blossoms on my head"
H 12.5cm
Kerry Goodwin Ltd Ed 40
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