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Moorcroft Burslem Boys Vase | Limited Edition 30 | History in the Making




Limited Edition 30.

Designer Kerry Goodwin


Kerry's design shows all aspects of life as a worker at the Burslem factory in the 1920's, against the evocative backdrop of the smoke-filled sky.

Life was hard in 1920s Burslem. The men of ‘The Mother Town’ had only a few years earlier returned from war, and the great depression of 1929 was on the horizon. For everyone, however, life had to go on. The loading of the town’s bottle ovens did not cease, and the plumes of smoke that they belched out turned the brightest day into a dusty, dirty, smelly affair. Against this backdrop, men went about their business whether it be hurrying to work, or taking a faithful dog for a much-needed walk. For the young boys of Burslem, their daily entertainment consisted of kicking a ball against a wall until it burst, or as they said in Burslem at that time “cost they kick a bo agen a wo an yed eet til it bosts”. Kerry’s design shows all these aspects of Burslem life. A pair of boys playing football, a worker making his way home for his dinner and even a non-plussed dog walker, lingering for only a moment by a lamp post, before returning home to avoid the smoke of Burslem’s bottle ovens. 

History in the Making. A collection of Moorcroft vases celebrating it's proud history, reflecting on the developing techniques, local area and social history since the factory gates opened in 1913 in Staffordshire


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